Infinity Baby was Silly Fun and RAW is One of My New Favorite Horror Movies

What a start!

Yesterday we saw Infinity Baby at 9 pm, then pregamed some more in a lil’ booth at the reject bar U&I, only to make our way right across the street to the seriously amazing State Theatre to see RAW, a movie I’ll (we’ll) honestly never forget.

Infinity Baby was good. Soundtrack was amazing and maybe my favorite part of it? Ron Swanson was basically Ron Swanson again except he wasn’t disaffected when it came to running his company, that being the titular Infinity Baby enterprise. I kind of forgot some of the details when it comes to how the company was run (by the government? some private enterprise? Idk), but honestly all of that was not important and just served as a vehicle for giving us a look at the often whacky lives and personalities of the characters that were connected to Infinity Baby.

Overall, the humor was pretty solid and was probably the best thing the movie had going for it. The chemistry and banter between the creepy uncle from Grounded for Life and Martin Starr (Freaks and Geeks, Silicon Valley) was really fun to watch. But probably the funniest person in this movie is Megan Mullally, who plays the “mom” of the main character, who is McCauley Culkin’s brother. Every time she’s on screen you’re just reminded that she’s funny in everything she’s ever done. What a pro.

Culkin’s character is some dude that has some major commitment issues and thinks he’s some kind of messiah when it comes to the inter-workings of men and women. Aka he was so annoying and hard to watch. But I guess that was the point? Anyway, he brings his girlfriends to meet his mom whenever he feels it’s time to break up with them, the idea being that if his mom doesn’t like them, he has no choice but to end things because he values her opinion too much. So yeah, this storyline was fine it just wasn’t as fun and electric as the one between Starr and creepy uncle from GFL. As salesmen of Infinity Baby, they end up raising one together and THE ANTICS, guys. So funny. It’s basically worth it just to see creepy uncle spray cleaner into Starr’s eyes for an extended period of time, blinding him, or to see Starr be a little sh*t (pun intended, you’ll see) and shove infinity baby feces in creepy uncle’s face. But yeah, by the end of the movie the beating heart pretty much lies with Starr’s character, who serves as some kind of moral compass throughout.

Again, the sci-fi elements aren’t that important. Just a tool to talk about stuff like societal expectations of men and women. Again, fine. Just wish they would’ve leaned in a bit more with the whackiness and cheekiness of it all. I like to laugh okay! Check out the soundtrack.

Okay, so Raw. Insane. I don’t wanna get too detailed because I’d like people to just see it, but I will say it was one of my favorite movies I’ve seen in a long time. Totally atmospheric from the first shot, it’s hard to look away even when the main character is eating uhm, raw meat and humans. Cute! Although the movie is shocking, it’s also self aware and funny, and really finds the humor in this college girl suddenly having an urge to eat her fellow students. I’ll mention one scene in which she’s dancing in front of the mirror, embracing her new instincts, listening to the most blasphemous “bad girl” rap song that is now my ringtone. Here’s a family friendly lyric: I don’t want you to 69 me, I want you to 666 me. I mean, the lyricism alone! Please watch this with all of your friends and add your own commentary Mystery Science Theater style, because it’s a perfect movie for that kind of thing. But also expect to be entranced by the relationships and the characters. It’s all just very good. I also really loved her gay roommate, played by Rabah Nait Oufella, who is confident but also so REAL. Good gay storylines are so hard to come by, and although this one almost slips into the familiar trope of “heterosexualizing” the gay character, it ultimately corrects course by the end in which he very clearly states he is gay and mentions the shame he used to feel about it. MY HEART.

One more thing: the score is also amazing and reminiscent of the synth horror glory days, a la John Carpenter and Wes Craven. Very similar to It Follows as well. SO GOOD.

So yeah, see RAW when it comes out to rent or if you can find a theater or festival to see it at I recommend you go. The audience reaction was so fun and hilarious, even when this one girl completely forgot where she was and asked Steve if he wanted to go out for a smoke. Like it was SO LOUD, I thought for a second it was maybe apart of the movie or performance art but it wouldn’t have made sense. Also thought we were all gonna get eaten by her in some meta-a** moment, like that Italian movie Demons where everyone dies in the theater by those stylish vampires. AHHHHHH!

What a fricking fracking fun start though. We haven’t set anything on fire yet or been scolded or worse, banned from the premises yet so that’s good. DAY 2 LET’S DO THIS!


Me looking optimistically at the remaining 2 days. Awwwwww <3.


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