LET’S DO THIS. Traverse City Film Festival 2017.

So, this week I am deciding to crawl out of my cave made of bed sheet linens and On the Border tortilla chip crumbs to attend the annual Traverse City Film Festival! I’ve never been before but I am so excited to sit in some cozy lil’ theaters and watch some great movies. Not to mention, P SURE I’m going to be watching The Force Awakens on a giant screen OUTSIDE on the beach with a glass of rosé in hand. Please don’t be too jealous of this prospect: in Michigan it’s legally mandated that everyone has to do it at least once I don’t know why though.

I don’t really have an itinerary yet, which if you know me personally is not surprising at all, but I hope to see at least 5 movies over the next 2 and a half days. And yes of course these movies will be intermixed with some quality downtown time with my airBnB host because again for some reason it was a requirement in their listing? I don’t know where these rules keep coming from. Also, I have to write a novellette about our excursions in their guest book, weird right? (JK, I’m stayin’ with one of my great friends who lives there! WOO!). So, I’m just gonna leave some options here and if you’re feelin’ chatty feel free to let us know what we should see. It’s an overused, old-fashioned mantra at this point, but Drake did say You Only Live Once and I really want to make the most of this trip so PLEASE CMMNT whether it’s through the hacky post about this blog on my Facebook page or directly through the source here.


I’m rollin’ right into town Wednesday at around noon, thinking about getting two movies in before the end of the night, so here’s what’s playing that day:

LANDLINE directed by Gillian Robespierre (9 pm)

Landline - Still 1

This one looks promising! By the director of the super charming Obvious Child staring Jenny Slate and that guy that always plays the extremely earnest, yet sarcastic nice guy, this movie brings back Jenny Slate and pits her with Edie Falco and one of the Duplass brothers. Also it’s supposedly set in the now v nostalgic ’90s and seems to just concern 20-something life SO basically right up my alley!

PARIS CAN WAIT directed by Eleanor Coppola (3 pm)

Paris Can Wait

Oh sh*t. I may really need to see this. For one, it’s directed by Eleanor Coppola (married to Francis Ford Coppola, you may have heard of him) and it’s her debut feature. Secondly, it stars Alec Baldwin and Diane Lane as a struggling husband and wife as they live a bougie a** lifestyle in France while being members of the Hollywood elite. Okay, so parts of that seem insufferable but I can’t not see it, right?

INFINITY BABY directed by Bob Byington (9 pm)


Oooooooo, this one’s a weird lil’ science fiction movie starring Nick Offerman aka forever Ron Swanson, sorry. It’s set in a near future where parents can purchase a real “infinity baby” in which it never cries and does not age past 3 months. Basically, heaven. But something tells me it doesn’t end up being that simple and that there’s room for some ripe satire on idk genetic modificaiton or something? Who knows and I probably won’t if if I end up seeing it. Sounds cool.

ICARUS directed by Bryan Fogel (6 pm)


A documentary in which the director explores the effects of doping for competitive sports by doping up and competing himself aka it’s Super Size Me with a sporty flair! APPARENTLY this was a giant problem during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. COLOR ME SHOCKED.

QUEST directed by Jonathon Olshefski (12 pm)


Another documentary, but this one seems really sweet and heartfelt. It’s about a black family over the years living in North Philadelphia and how they let artists of all ages record music in their basement studio. It just seems like a raw, honest series of vignettes with a real human element. Count me in, can’t wait to weep in the streets afterwards.

RAW directed by Julia Ducournau (9 pm)


I heard this was insane. A new veterinary student and committed vegetarian eats raw meat in a desperate move to fit in with her peers who are hazing her. The experience unearths an animalistic urge and she turns into a cannibal. This sounds a lot like my freshman year of college.


Okay Day 2. Some more great options. Hopefully I’ll have time to get a noodle bowl or something.

BRIGSBY BEAR directed by Dave McCary (Thurs 6pm)


Starring Kyle Mooney from those iconic “oh yeah dude lesh shmoke” youtube vids and oh yeah, SNL, this one is about an imaginative man who revolves his life around a TV show called “Brigsby Bear Adventures” that apparently never existed. Forced to live in the real world and hopefully dressed in a bear suit the entire time, werid/dreamy/esoteric antics ensue. Looks like one of those quirk-indies that are usually always good in my opinion.

ACORN AND THE FIRESTORM directed by Reuban Atlas and Sam Pollard (12 Noon)


Damn, this sounds intense. It’s a documentary about the collapse of the political nonprofit group ACORN (who were heaviily involved in the election of Barack Obama), orchestrated by one of those demons that started Breibtbart news. I know nothing about this so it could be well worth the watch and super interesting. Ugh, POLITICS THO, Amirite? Over it.

ALPHAGO directed by Greg Kohs (9 pm)


OH MY GOD, this is also a documentary but it sounds like the best sports drama ever. In this one, some giant London tech company pits an AI computer against a seasoned pro in the ancient chinese board game, Go. Definitely wouldn’t mind seeing this and then in a couple years again when it’s optioned as an intense-a** biopic.

THE DEATH AND LIFE OF MARSHA P. JOHNSON directed by David France (9pm)


A vastly important figure to the LGBT community in New York and world-wide, the story of Marsha P. Johnson’s sudden death still reverberates today. This doc explores the people that knew her, and delves into what might have actually happened before she was found dead in a river, despite the police ruling it a suicide. This would be a tough one to watch but seriously important. Again, catch me weeping in the streets afterwards if I end up seeing it.

I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO directed by Raoul Peck (9pm)


Heard nothing but good things about this. James Baldwin was amazing.


Okay, Friday’s got some okay ones. I’m so tired of writing these little previews and they’re kicking me out of this coffee house even though I said I would do a dance for them. They didn’t like it. I might not even go to this anymore. Just kidding, I’M GOING. Anyway, these are gonna be shorter!

DRONE directed by Jason Bourque


Starring the man that always dies in everything, Sean Bean is a drone pilot working for the CIA who accidentally kills innocent middle eastern civilians and is faced to deal with the ramifications of what he’s done when a knowledgable Pakinstani man pays him a visit. I don’t know guys, I’m pretty against war do I need a movie to tell me that it’s all really f*cked up? Maybe!

AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL directed by Rodrigo Grande (9pm)


A Spanish movie about a girl, mother, and cute dog who rent out a room in a widowed man’s house who’s desperate for some extra cash and finds his way into a group of thieves that is tunneling UNDER HIS HOUSE to pull off a heist at a nearby bank. Uhm, HUH!? That sounds crazy, but I love crazy movies. And thrillers. Will keep this in mind.

MANIFESTO directed by Julian Rosefeldt (9 am)


It’s another Cate Blanchett magnum opus filled with her playing like 30 different character artists in one movie. WE GET IT YOU CAN ACT. No, just kidding, she’s probably so good in it. Also, who am I kidding. 9 am? I’m not seeing this!

THE WOMEN’S BALCONY directed by Emil Ben-Shimon (6 pm)

The Women's Balcony

A Hebrew film about a family in Jerusalem preparing for a giant Bat Mitzvah. Sounds so cute and good!



A classic Bill Murray dark comedy that I’ve never seen but will be watching on the beach with a giant bag of flaming hot cheetoes and a flask of whiskey. Cheers!


I might be writing a little bit more about the movies I see if I have time, but if not then definitely later down the line when I get back. If you’re asking why I’m doing this it’s because I don’t have an internship and have an inordinate amount of time on my hands. Also, I like it hehe.

Stay tuned!


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