So, How to Get Away with Murder Fans, Who’s #UnderTheSheet?

If you are familiar with the ever-expanding Shondaland universe on ABC (and you SHOULD be), you know that How to Get Away with Murder is the most gripping, shocking, and best-acted show of the bunch. Viola Davis gives a consistently spectacular performance ripe with pathos week after week, and not only that, but the kids aren’t half bad either. In my opinion, they might be going places somewhere down the line! And for one of them, that moment may be arriving sooner than we had hoped. This season of the provocative show took a page out of the TV advertising handbook and is anchoring it’s promos around the hashtag #UnderTheSheet. Basically, each week the show asks us who’s #UnderTheSheet and no, it’s not the sexy kind of sheet. One of our faves is a straight up corpse chilling on a gurney aka no longer living and we potentially have to wait until the end of the midseason hiatus to find out who it is! Honestly, this is the most excited I’ve been about a character’s imminent death since like, I don’t know, Desperate Housewives? That show was the embodiment of the grim reaper himself. We’ve all been speculating as to which of Viola Davis’ mules- I mean, students- will be revealed to be #UnderTheSheet, so without further ado, let’s get into it!

Who It Should Be: WES!


Okay, so, out of all of the main characters on the show, which one of them would cause Viola Davis to have such a visceral reaction after the reveal? Honestly any opportunity to have Davis perform a complete emotional breakdown is to be taken, so it’s not the most convincing argument, but it would be a powerful choice to go with Wes! Wes clearly has the strongest emotional connection with Davis’s character and to kill him off would be a BOLD move. The dynamic between these characters may seem pretty endgame, but is there really anything else to milk out of the relationship between these two? Your argument might be yes, but mine is WES IS PRETTY BORING. I feel like more often than not he’s doing something off-screen (flying to New York) or STILL thinking about Lila. To be quite perfectly honest, the only downside of having Wes killed off is seeing the emotional strife it would inflict on his new girlfriend, Maggie, who we’ve only seen on screen for 4 seconds but I’ve decided is a perfect human being. Seriously, were you guys also hit with an intense positive aura when she showed up on screen? It couldn’t have just been me. Anyway, yes, having Wes killed off would be tragic, but it would ultimately give the characters a lot to work with. Based on my subjective feelings alone, Wes has a 50% chance of being #UnderTheSheet, which brings me to…

Who It Very Likely Could Be: NATE!


Oh, the literal slab of steak meat that is Nate, we hardly knew ye. Actually we’ve known you for 2 seasons now, and can confidently say that you are the ultimate trooper. Finding it in your heart to forgive the woman that framed you for her husband’s murder and then to voluntarily date her? You GO, Nate! Why do I think it is likely to be Nate? It’s a tale as old as time, really. A popular show will advertise the death of a major character for weeks on end, carefully building suspense until it is revealed to be a minor character in disguise as a major character that we’re supposed to care about. Trust me, Desperate Housewives did it all the time (Did I just mention that show, again?) Don’t get me wrong, I LIKE Nate, but who would you rather have on screen? Viola Davis’s boyfriend or literally any of the other more developed characters with personalities (hello, likable douche Asher). If Nate dies it’s because it would serve as another huge emotional blow for Analise (maybe another Emmy?), seeing as her and Nate are more coupled up than ever. It’s a safe choice for the show, but it would still be devastating for Analise’s already damaged psyche. Referring back to my subjective feelings monitor, Nate has precisely a 70% chance of being #UnderTheSheet with no margin of error. Yes, I know this isn’t a poll but there was no margin of error, okay? Now that we’ve covered the most likely candidates lets move on to…

Who We Pray to Shonda Rhimes It’s Not: EVERYONE. ELSE. 


Can you imagine losing any of the remaining beautiful characters? I, for one, cannot. Where would we be without Asher’s somehow charming frat boy antics, Connor’s undeniable sex appeal, and the juicy drama and storylines Michaela, Laurel, Bonnie, and Frank bring with each passing episode. As far as the kids go, I’ve always considered the aforementioned four the “core four” and Wes as the outlier. It just does not make sense to split these four up because 1. They are all FANTASTIC looking (not saying Wes isn’t) and 2. They each have lasting beef with Analise that can be effectively milked to give us more of that Shonda Rhimes patented drama! Don’t get me wrong, it would be a bold move to kill ANY of these characters off and that’s kind of the fun of all of this isn’t it? No matter how much we theorize and how much we consider what would make narrative sense we will never know because TV is crazy, unconventional, and unpredictable now thanks to creators like Rhimes, Ryan Murphy, and Lee Daniels. And frankly, we should be eternally grateful. The results are in and it has been confirmed that each remaining character has a 25% of being #UnderTheSheet.

So, I know I’ve given you some pretty accurate numbers to go off on here, but who do you guys think might be #UnderTheSheet? Are you guys using the hashtag so the showrunners know this marketing strategy is a win? Do you care? Do you hope it’s Wes? You hope it’s Wes, don’t you? Honestly, all we can do at this point is pray to Shonda Rhimes at bedside each week, hoping it isn’t one of our faves. It’s in her hands now.


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